How the Bible relates to our Latest Scientific Knowledge.

A Time... for a critical look!

    As you read this, time moves along a relentless track.  Second after second tick by at a precise prescribed length, each one at an exact equal distance from the other.  It does not pause!  It does not falter!   Nevertheless,  there was a time... when there was no time.   A time when time, as we know it, did NOT exist. This is not just a Biblical truth but a fact true science agrees with.   It should be noted that the very first verse of the Bible... opens at the start of time.

GEN 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

(This verse opens all versions)


    Now the first question that comes to an analytical mind should be, the beginning of what?   The seemingly obvious answer is not as simple, at first glance, as one might perceive. The Bible is speaking here of the beginning of all things that relates and pertains to man.  Obviously it does not include the beginning of God for God is the one creating it.   "In the beginning" clearly pertains to the creation of the universe itself.  Does this mean that the universe was created specifically for man? The answer to this is


We know this because of the purpose of God which is why man was created in His image.

Gen 1:27-28

27. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

28. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (KJV)

    The reason man was created in the image of God was so that mankind might be prepared by the creator to become part of the spiritual family of God, which was the purpose behind The Almighty creating a universe to house a self perpetuating humanity.   Wow then, one might conclude, man must therefore be important to God.  Which he is!   However, before we get carried away with our own importance, it should be noted this importance is not because of anything man has done or can do, but because God had a specific purpose in creating man to begin with.  In short, that purpose is to create a spiritual family.  A family put together for the sole reason of creating a brotherhood for God's only begotten Son.  This spiritual family is to be adopted from the earth, which explains the reason God created a universe for man to live in.  

Ephesians 1:5

Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, (KJV)

(Whose will?... God's will!... See also Romans 8:15, 8:23, 9:4 and Galatians 4:5) 

    Well one can ask, if God wanted us as spiritual sons why didn't he just create us that way to begin with?  The Bible answers this by telling us He created us the way we are because he wants desire and choose to be spiritual sons.  In other words he insists we must exercise the choice of becoming a spiritual son or not.   God will only select those that want, with all their heart, to be His son.   (This of course includes women)   

                                                                               Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Well now, Biblically we can see that there truly is a whole lot more than meets the eye, in the first verse of the Bible.  

But how does science fit into this picture?

    Astronomy is one of the sciences of man.  That science needs to be looked at, by true Christians, as to what it is learning in these early days of the time of the end.  It should also be noted that what astronomy is learning, and what it is guessing at, are two different things.  When one finds an answer to a question, it inevitably opens the door to new questions.  Applying a proven answer to a question is science.  Applying unproven, deduced reasoning or guesses, ( maybe, perhaps, its possible that,  it is assumed, it might be)  to a question ... is not true science.  These are guesses, theories.  But theories are not proven facts.  What is being said here is that an unverified guess is just that... a guess.   

    Now, we have said that the first verse of the Bible starts with the beginning of time.  This, it turns out, is not a guess but can be proven by science.   In 1990, the NASA space shuttle Discovery carried a 1.6 billion-dollar blunder (The Hubble Telescope) into space.   (What that proves is, science can and does make mistakes.) Just the same, after 800 million dollars of additional money was spent to correct the errant lens, the Hubble Telescope began to transmit answers to age-old questions concerning space.  In short, the Hubble telescope has verified that time and space are exactly and precisely the same thing.  Since time and space are one and the same, then the first verse of the Bible is speaking of the beginning of time, which we also know as space. "In the beginning..." is therefore telling us the clock of time started to tick at that precise moment God began creation.

    There is a bumper sticker that says... the theory of the Big Bang explained.   God said "Let there be light" and bang... there it was.

    Well, aside from this being cute it is actually a good deal more understandable then the theory itself.  The name Big Bang came about because of a British scientist named Sir Fred Hoyle.  He called it the Big Bang to ridicule the whole idea, and the name stuck.  Be that as it may, he criticized the theory for good and sound reason.  For the theory mocks known and proven laws of the universe we live in, such as attraction and repulsion.  Any two magnets you can find obey this law of attraction and repulsion unerringly and without exception.  It is also one of the laws that will not allow this whole universe, all of space made up of its suns, planets and galaxies, to be packed into an object so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye, which is the basis for the big bang theory.  The theory gets around this simple fact of the known and proven laws that govern the universe, (such as gravity) by claiming that the laws were different before the bang took place.  However, science guesses, that at the moment of the explosion it might have been, or could possibly have been, that all the laws that governed the dot had to change.   Who changed them or why they changed is still up for grabs; to say nothing of why this tiny, fully packed dot that science imagines existed... suddenly decided to explode.  Also, by the way, evolutionist don't even guess at where that tiny dot came from to begin with.

    To fully grasp what is being said here, let us use an analogy.  We all know that if you put a chair in the middle of a room it will stay there until you, someone, or something else moves it.  That chair will stay put for the rest of eternity without an outside influence on it.  But evolution claiming that the laws before the big bang were different means, in effect, that chair could move about the room, at will, and placed itself wherever it so desired.  (Please, don’t ask The Bible Probe to explain how this took place, for it defies reason, and WE are not stuck with this theory... evolutionists are.)  However, as has been pointed out by the debacle of the Hubble space telescope,  science has been known to make mistakes before.  Even so, let us look at this concept from the standpoint of the Bible, for oddly enough...


    We have no way of understanding the power or Holy Spirit of God.  We can see the results of that power, but how that power or force is exerted we can only guess at.  Just the same, "In the beginning..." tells us there was a starting point to the universe.   So, for the sake of this discussion, let us replace that imagined tiny dot of the Big Bang Theory with the Almighty Himself.  Let us replace that Big Bang explosion with the power of God or the Holy Spirit creating or forcing something to exist that did not exist before... time, space and matter.  Now let us use some of that time that this force of God could have brought into existence, and allow it to expand this space in exactly the same manner we can see and prove it is doing today and under exactly the same laws instituted at its birth by the Creator.  Moons revolve about planets, planets around suns and suns revolve around in galaxies.  All in clockwork-like precision.  And while this all takes place, stars are dying and stars are being born.  Galaxies are forming and Galaxies are disappearing into what is described by science as black holes.       BUT, surprise of surprises, science has learned from the red Doppler Effect, that the universe we know... is not only expanding but that expansion is speeding up rather than slowing down.  In other words something is driving it.  Some unknown force is causing it all to go faster.  Science said it "might be, or perhaps, or it could be" dark matter that was forcing the universe to increase its speed.  But they now say there isn't enough of this invisible matter to cause this verifiable red Doppler Effect.  (To explain briefly the red Doppler effect, as things move away from a point its color changes towards the red spectrum. The faster this happens the redder it appears.  This is similar to the sound of a train changing as it races away from you down the track.)  The result of the Hubble Telescope is:

Man sees space as infinite... yet the Bible does not.

Allow us to relate why this is said.

    The Bible tells us, in its first verse, that space and time have been created by God.  Because this Supreme Being created it, simple reason tells us that the Creator was outside that creation of time and space.  In other words God existed outside of this universe.   [You cannot live in a house until that house is built, because until it is built it does not exist. Even God cannot live somewhere that does not exist.]  God is spiritual not physical which means He exists in a different realm, place, dimension, however you wish to express or envision what the Bible calls  heaven, meaning where God lives.  This being the case The Creator lives in a spiritual place that is separate and distinct from the universe which the Bible says God created for humans to live in.  

    We now come to the six days of creation the Bible speaks of.   It is at this point it should be noted that the six days of creation related in the Bible come after the universe was completed.  Those six days are not talking about the creation of the universe at all.  Rather those six days are speaking exclusively about the creation of life on this planet.  To verify this the very first verse of the Bible relates, in the past tense,  the creation of the universe.  The second or next verse of the Bible tells us this planet had already been created.  For we find it was already traveling through an already functioning universe and this globe or world was completely covered by water with no land visible on its surface.  In short the earth already existed in a universe that had already been completed precisely as the first verse told us. 

    Now we are saying that God is a better explanation of the creation of the universe than the big bang theory.  The Bible Probe is NOT saying that is how God created the universe for The Bible Probe has no more knowledge of how the Holy Spirit works than you do.  However, it might be noted that if we replace that tiny dot science imagines with God we find we don't need to guess at how that dot got there to begin with.  Just the same if, as science claims, it all started with a bang, the spot in space where this bang was supposed to have occurred should be traceable.  We should be able to determine the center of it all.  However, that eye in the sky we call the Hubble Telescope is telling us the center is anywhere and everywhere.  No matter where you go in this universe, where you are is where the center or starting point is.   Like a raisin in a cookie being baked, as the dough rises, everything within that cookie expands equally from everything else, dough and raisins alike.  Now, to make cookies, one mixes the ingredients, flour, milk, eggs, raisins, etc together.  One then pops it in the oven and lets heat do the rest. Science, therefore, can rightly claim that the center of the universe is equal to that dough, which is put in the oven.  This is a valid analogy by science but leads us to the giant enigma.


Or, if you do not believe in a supreme being, WHERE DID THE INGREDIENTS FOR THIS COSMOS WE LIVE IN COME FROM?  The stuff our galaxies, suns, planets, moons are made of; where did the material for all this come from?    Science says matter was manufactured from such things as quarks that make up protons that make up atoms etc.  Science seems to find new and smaller things everyday, that make up bigger things which end up as atoms that form molecules that combine into all the things we can see and touch.  Just the same, no matter how infinitesimally small this material is, it is still material, or a substance, an ingredient of our universe.  However you wish to define it, the fundamental question remains... where did these ingredients come from?   Who, or what, mixed them into this mammoth cookie we know as the Cosmos?

    As one critically examines this doctrine or theory of the Big Bang, the enigma grows.  Let me illustrate that with my son.  When he was a child in school and was introduced to the theory of evolution I asked him what he thought of it.

"I don’t know Dad," he answered; "If there was absolutely nothing to begin with... where did all that space come from?"

Now, if the mind of a nine year old child can see through all this, how come full-grown adults will gullibly swallow it without a second thought?

The universe screams, it hollers, it bellows...

" C  R  E  A  T  I  O  N "

    The evolutionary theories of man, and by the way there are many of them not just the big bang, all have to start or go back to a beginning, and they all suffer from the same problem.  There was nothing, and then, suddenly and without reason, there was something.

    Logic says that reason was God Almighty.  The Bible says that reason was God Almighty.

And the purpose of God explains that reason.

    Reason also says that since we are dealing here with eternal life or eternal death, it is reasonable that one should at least examine what God has taken the time to explain to us.

    Christ said, "In my Fathers house there are many rooms" ... one of those rooms is the universe you and I live in at the moment.  That Christ said he goes to prepare another room for those that will be transformed into spiritual children, gives a tiny hint at the wondrous things The Almighty has in store for His family.  In spite of man's sins, in spite of mans stupidity, in short, IN SPITE OF OURSELVES, God in His wisdom has made all this possible.  The purpose and plan of God proves that:

HE truly is our father, in every sense of the word.

* A note on all of the above: *

The Bible Probe... DOES NOT advocate that God used evolution to create the universe.  Evolution as the cause of life is clearly contradicted by the Word of God.

The Bible Probe... DOES NOT claim or advocate that the Big Bang theory is how God created the universe.  (It was simply pointing out that God makes a better explanation of it all than an imagined tiny dot smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.) (.)

What IS being said, is that as science learns, and proves what it learns, scientific facts not guesses keep making the logic of God's plan and His kingdom, as set forth in the Bible, shine brighter and brighter.  A Christian, therefore, should not ignore facts of science, but understand them and examine them, guided by the ever glowing light from the word of God.  For in the end science has to face the fact that there is an undeniable force that drives life and the universe along its course.

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