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            We are followers of the way Christ has declared we should go.  Dedicated to studying the cornucopia of wisdom and knowledge that the Word of God has given to us through the Bible.  We recognize the Bible as the final and only authority on the subject of our God and Father.

We do not want your money, 

nor have we anything to sell.


However, in these pages, you can probe the Word of God and find out HIS purpose and plan for mankind as it is clearly stated throughout the Bible.

These pages are not affiliated with any religion, cult or group. The information is derived entirely from the Bible based on a directive from God Himself.

(Isaiah 1:18)

"COME, let us reason together," saith the Lord.

    The Creator of the Universe would not have told us to do this if it were not possible.    Yet, the only way it is possible is through the Word which He has given us in the Bible.   

    Now since it cannot be physically proven that God does or does not exist is there any evidence that would rationally lead one to conclude that the spiritual God the Bible declares as the Almighty, really does exist?  Since this is such an interesting question these pages are not about or concerned with religions of any kind.  We will examine the Bible.  We will also examine science as scientist see themselves.  You will be amazed to see how close true science is to the Bible.

 Let us begin by looking at life itself...

     Life abounds on this planet we call earth.    From above its mountaintops, to the depths at the bottom of its oceans, life exists in innumerable forms.   One could, if so inclined, gaze at the clouds above and count thousands of species of birds.  Yet by looking at just the sky you would  never once see a penguin or an ostrich which are landlocked birds.  The above is said because the diversity of life seems boundless even within species.  This can be no better demonstrated than on our ocean floors.   At depths almost seven miles deep, continuous volcanic action spews forth a haven for a form of life like no other on the planet.   Life that has never seen that tremendous ball of fire we call the sun.   In fact, this strangely abnormal earthly life does not need the direct energy produced by our sun for its existence.   This strange life form lives in the vicinity of water that is roughly 600 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature because of what these volcanic plums spew forth.    Yet, an inch away, the water drops to below freezing.  Yet this volcanically-induced life not only survives but it thrives.   Without hesitation, this seemingly endless parade of living organisms all go about their daily process of living.   All perfectly designed for the varied extremes of environment that engulfs our globe.

    The universe is filled to the brim with energy.   This energy is itself. in its own way, alive. Producing births and deaths of suns, planets, moons, comets, meteors, and galaxies.    And while you read this all of these bodies are racing about at fantastic speeds.  They gallop through this endless expanse of the space we know as our universe in a process of constant change; absorbing countless eons of time while being totally oblivious to time's steady, rhythmic passing.   The constant tick of the clock is the drumbeat that sets the pace for this pageant.   It is all glorious!   Bedazzling!  Wondrous!   Absolutely mind-boggling.

    There is also one other thing about all this that is extraordinarily astonishing.   In fact, it is nothing short of miraculous.

It is all absolutely free!

    Life itself, the most miraculous thing of all, doesn't cost a thing.  Not only that, but God has given a promise to all mankind- let us repeat that: 

all mankind- 

that the ability to live can also be an eternal, joyful experience for each and every single person that wants it.  How one can acquire this free gift of eternal life, is set down in a book of instructions that God has given us.    It is called:

The Bible.

Titus 1:2 

In hope of eternal life, which God Himself, who cannot lie, promised before the world began;    (KJV)

   This book  belongs to any and all wishing to familiarize themselves with the Words of God concerning life and death.

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This is not, as one might expect, a religious matter.

   Therefore, these  pages will not debate one religion as opposed to another.   That is a fruitless, useless endeavor.

It is in fact, not even in the least bit relevant to God's words.

      With a Bible and a Concordance, these pages can set you on the most intriguing and valuable treasure hunt in this entire, vast universe.   Not only is this God-given treasure absolutely priceless; But God has also made this treasure very easy to find.

Luke 12:34   

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.   (KJV)


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 To learn about God, His purpose, and His plan for mankind.

   Again, the material above is not connected with any religion, group, or cult, and recognizes only the authority of the complete Word of God.

These pages compiled by:

Roy Thompson  (

Alan M. Goldfarb

Larry Halpern

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You may email Roy any time if you have questions or wish to talk about Scripture.  All emails will be answered.

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