It is clear that all glory for this written word belongs to and comes from the creator of this universe. It is also clear that harmony of scriptures through out the word is the key to understanding this glorious message.

The following short biographies of the people behind the Bible Probe are presented here so that those reading will understand that the authors of the articles are people just like you. People with an average intelligence capable of reading and understanding what God has had put in writing for each and every individual on this earth.

The authors of the Bible Probe are three Christian men living in Brooklyn, New York. Each has several years of experience studying the Bible (two of them for most of their lives) and share a common disenchantment with organized religion and its doctrines. Drawn together by a mutual love of "The Word" and a desire to follow God's teachings rather than those of men, the Bible Probe was put together.

Roy Thompson ( is the man who dreamed up the idea for the website. Roy writes most of the articles for the Bible Probe and does the majority of the Scriptural research for these articles although Larry often lends support for this. Roy's straightforward writing style and easygoing approach to communicating with others has earned the Bible Probe the respect of many readers. "There is no point in listening to others when God speaks directly  to us from His Word" is Roy's comment concerning the Gospel.

Alan M. Goldfarb ( is the Webmaster for the Bible Probe. Alan proofreads all the articles for the Bible Probe and puts everything together with his skills in HTML and FrontPage 2000. By far the youngest of the three, Alan has learned a respectable amount of Scriptural knowledge and has also written a couple of articles for the Bible Probe, as well as inserting small amounts of text into a few of Roy's articles. Alan works closely with Roy in developing new ideas for the Bible Probe and helping it evolve into what the authors would like it to be. Alan is a college student and involved in mental health issues, being himself afflicted with schizophrenia.

Larry Halpern is the graphics man for the Bible Probe. He helped find and put in much of the Bible Probe's graphics, and is adept at designing graphics as well. Well-versed in Scripture, he contributes to tracking down some of the scriptures used in the site. Larry taught Alan much of what Alan knows about computers and helped him get his first PC clone. Although easygoing, Larry prefers not to speak about himself and is content to be entirely 'behind-the-scenes' in the Bible Probe's growth.